LKB Bergen Kringkaster is the former NRK (Norsk Rikskringkasting) AM(LW/MW) broadcasting station for Bergen. Its QTH is near the village of Erdal on Askoey Island north of Bergen.
The Telefunken broadcasting transmitter of 20 kW was built in 1936 -1937 and is the only remaining Telefunken transmitter (complete) of this type in the world.
The Marconi transmitter of 1 kW is also from the mid-30s.

Their first signals were broadcast in 1937 from the Telefunken on 260, and from the Marconi transmitter on 355 kHz.
With the implementation of the Copenhagen Plan 1950 the transmitters changed to MW channels.

In 1965 a Philips 10 kW transmitter subsituted the Telefunken for daily use.
The installation is Norwegian Cultural Heritage.
Both services closed in 1978 and 1966, using 890 and 1115 kHz, respectively.

In 2000, the original «T» aerial strung between two 150 metres towers was taken down.
The twin stations primary coverage area were the city of Bergen and the western coast of Norway with local, regional and national programs from NRK, using the callsign of LKB.