LKB Bergen Broadcasting Station closed down for the last time in service for the NRK on 890 kHz November 1st, 1978 at 0015 hours. LLE «Bergen Lokal» on 1115 kHz had then been closed for 12 years.

In the 1980s, Bergen Broadcasting Station was used as transmission site for local radio (two regional radio networks in Bergen municipality on 103.5 and 107.8 Mhz, from broadcasting mast, and in the 1990s also Radio Askøy 106.4 Mhz from its own mast).

Also in the 1990s, Kongsberg Navigation leased the site for utility transmissions on long wave 437.6 kHz.
Bergen Broadcasting Station is preserved as a Norwegian heritage site since 1999, but in 2001 the two transmitting masts were taken down. The site is owned by Askøy Municipality since 2004. The municipality restored in 2015 20 metres of one of the original antenna masts.

Bergen Broadcasting Association (FBK), which was founded on the 2nd of February 2009 is leasing Bergen Broadcasting Station in Askøy Municipality.

The Odda transmitter (callsign LLU) which closed down 1 / 11-78 now stands at Bergen Broadcasting Station with the Geilo transmitter (callsign LLT) that closed the same day. Odda transmitter was re-started by FBK 9 / 11-12 on 1314 kHz with callsign LLE-2. As antenna is used both a 15 meters Comrod, and earlier a «double L».

Shortwave broadcasts started 2 / 9-13 by FBK on 5895 kHz, with callsign LLE-3. As antenna is used an «inverted V».
A medium wave transmitter no.2 initiated by FBK 15/7 2014 1611 kHz, with callsign LLE-4. As antenna is used another «inverted V».
FM broadcasts started 6 / 11-14 by FBK on 103.8 Mhz, with callsign LLE-FM. As antenna is used an omnidirectional VHF antenna.
Transmissions (2 different program streams) has from the start been licensed by NKOM (Post and Telecommunication Authority) and from 2016 also by the Media Authority.

Bergen Broadcasting Association is using the callsign LA1ASK for amateur radio activity.